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A/B Testing

Don't make your product decisions with your gut feelings, use our multi variation a/b testing platform, test features out and make the best decisions!

You can set up to 10 different variations with any percentage, pass json based dynamic variables to your users. Everything you need. A complete a/b testing platform.

Feature Flags

Launch your product and features with confidence. Detect critical problems before they hit to all users and roll-back safely.

Releasing new features is never zero risk, but it is manageable risk when you use our multi variation feature flags platform.

User Details

Access to your each user's variations on a/b tests and feature flags and edit them as you desire.

All your sandbox users are registered as test users, so that you can develop and test your a/b tests and feature flags with ease.

Activity Logs

All your activities are logged for future reference and open to all your team members. Remember easily at what time you have changed the percentages of variations.

Activity logs are saved per a/b test, feature flag and also per team.

Invite Team Members

Invite as many team members as you want. We have no team member limitations.

Currently we have 2 roles for team members, admin and collaborator. More roles to come soon!